The Unknown Swimmer

A hymn to the joys of free swimming by Jason Reekie.

The Unknown Swimmer

A yearning, profound, unspoken

To return to our place of origin

Back to the womb-wet, womb-dark


Or some deep ancestral longing

For homecoming
To be subsumed
In the arms of the life-mother

In the rise and fall of tides

In the half-life of a breath
In the green secret places in the water

In the cadence of a phrase
So deeply held
So sacred
So perfect

(written by the unknown swimmer)


The photographer

Jason Reekie

The Japanese word Ikigai describes Jason Reekie’s connection to photography. The finding of joy in life through purpose. Every new project becomes the purpose, beginning a fresh search for meaning by interpreting mine and others ideas, and turning them into images.

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