Stewart Cohen

Born in Montreal, Stewart Charles Cohen graduated from the University of Texas in 1982, and went on to apprentice with internationally known photographer, Helmut Newton.

Stewart established his own studio in Dallas. He is internationally known and recognised in the world of print photography, both commercial and fine art, and for his energy and his extraordinary ability to work with people. Stewart Cohen Pictures has grown to include a staff of six, occupying a large loft complex in Dallas. The studio has expanded from its base of still photography to cover film, digital, internet and publishing.

Location travel is common for Stewart. He has worked in more than forty countries so far. Recent projects have included trips to Argentina, the UK, the Arctic and Antarctic (Stewart’s seventh continent to visit for his photographic work). Recent exhibitions of his fine art have included “Dark Elves” and “Ice.”

Winner of over fifty top industry awards and numerous other honors, Stewart Cohen’s work has appeared in major advertising and photography publications, and has been exhibited in museums, galleries and corporate offices across the USA. He has been selected by Adweek/Southwest as Photographer of the Year, and has earned international recognition for his work from Communication Arts Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, How Magazine, and other prestigious publications.  His film work has received over a dozen Telly Awards.

Projects by Stewart on Photography Chronicle


Seeing Red

Photographer Stewart Cohen explores the popular notion that redheads are well on their way to extinction.