Sebastiaan Franco

Sebastiaan Franco graduated from the MA Visual Arts program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2019 with a self-published work on Irish Traveller culture. During his studies he has worked on various assignments both in Belgium and abroad, while finishing his first long-term project on hooliganism in his city of Antwerp. After his studies he spent two years working as an interior and still-life photographer for various agencies.

In 2021, after a short break in Dublin to continue work on his Anàsha-series, he started work as an editorial photographer and editor for a Belgian production house based in Antwerp. Next to his commercial work he does freelance assignments and pursues his own documentary projects.

Projects by Sebastiaan on Photography Chronicle



Photographer Sebastiaan Franco explores the world of European Pro Wrestling, and discovers what ‘kayfabe’ means in that sporting universe.



Sebastiaan Franco’s epic photo project where he spent 4 years photographing Irish Travellers.


House of Hope

Sebastiaan Franco’s 3 month project detailing the treatment of spina bifida and hydrocephalus in Kenya.