Oliver Grabowski

I am a British photographer. I specialise in portraiture, capturing genuine expression and meaning in human emotion drives my artistic practice. As a photographer and artist I am deeply interested in the aesthetics of hope. To me, hope is a gentle and necessary beauty, a vital sensory respite that I want to replicate through photography. This often subtly visible glimmer of human resilience is what contextualises identity, the space we inhabit together, and the world we build on a small and larger societal scale.


I hold an MA in Photography from Falmouth University, and I run The Headshot photography practice as well as being co-founder of Very Tender Studio, which serves as an outlet for my fine art and collaborations with my partner. My works span musical performance, photography and videography, photographic printmaking, and book projects. I have performed, exhibited, and produced work across the UK and Europe and America.

Projects by Oliver on Photography Chronicle

Fine Art


Darling is a retelling of the relationship Oliver Grabowski shares with his partner; one of the smaller scales of a universal story of human hope.