Oded Wagenstein

Oded Wagenstein is a photographer and lecturer.

He uses the photographic medium to explore the relationship between Aging and Exclusion.

A Sociology, Anthropology, and Film and Television graduate from Tel Aviv University and author of three books on the connection between storytelling and photography.

Currently collaborating with JDC-ESHEL, part of a global NGO advocating for the elderly. He is a senior lecturer at the Galitz School of Photography (the largest photography school in Israel) based in Tel Aviv, where he teaches hundreds of students each year, both Jewish and Muslims, how to use their cameras as a bridge between them.

In 2022, he was one of the judges in the Pictures of the Year (POY) Asia Photo contest.

Projects by Oded on Photography Chronicle


The Void We Leave

By chance, Oded Wagenstein met and photographed an ageing community in Cuba, which led him to question what remains after we pass on?


Like Last Year’s Snow

In a remote community of nomadic deer herders in Northern Siberia, photographer Oded Wagenstein visually documents the process of ageing in isolation.