Jocelyn Janon

Jocelyn Janon is a French-born New Zealander [he/him/his], based in Auckland, New Zealand. For him, photography is a means of meeting people and expressing his love for humans. He is particularly interested in the talented ones – the artist, the misfits, the ‘different’ ones. The round pegs in square holes.

In return, he has been lucky to photograph strong people who shared their weaknesses and beauty with him. In exchange, he is producing images with deep feelings and meaning.

Projects by Jocelyn on Photography Chronicle

Fine Art


‘Monuments’ is a series of collaborative photographs by Jocelyn Janon in which he aims to capture the power, spirit and charisma of the female body.


Rear Window

Photographer Jocelyn Janon visualises the mood and feelings he had as a young boy, creating worlds in the back of his father’s Citroen.