Hannah Caldwell

For Scottish-born Photographer Hannah Caldwell, one of the best things about living and working in Melbourne is the food. As well as being delicious, its the perfect medium to indulge her love of rich colour, texture, shade, and her fascination with capturing light.


Shes always inspired by the high-quality produce of her home state. I think we have such great produce in Victoria and a strong food scene,” she says. There are a lot of really passionate people in the industry.”


Caldwell has a background in fine art and more than a decades experience in the photography industry. As well as food, she loves shooting still life. She infuses all her work with a painterly quality; her images have a clean, minimal feel, with strong graphic lines, while also expressing an appreciation of drama.


Ive always loved working with colour, especially rich hues & deeper tones, and I find light and shadow intriguing,” she says. I love creating emotion and mood through the shot to really engage the viewer.”


Caldwell finds collaboration on shoots especially inspiring, and has worked with some wonderful” chefs, art directors, and stylists.


Whether its advertising or editorial, I like taking the time to really understand the needs and expectations of my clients, bringing the essence of their products to life.


“Photography is my career, but its so much more than that – it’s the way I reveal the beauty and depth in the layers of the world around me.”

Projects by Hannah on Photography Chronicle

Fine Art


Photographer Hannah Caldwell’s photo project reflecting her fascination with shape, colour and texture and how food connects us all.