Francesco Bittichesu

With his enduring passion for James Bond, noir and spy films driving his photographic aesthetic, Francesco Bittichesu has honed his ability to capture the mystery and beauty of life by living between two very different worlds: his native Italy, and the breakneck pace of New York City.

Francesco’s love for photography began as a young man. He became obsessed with the technical possibilities of the camera and built a darkroom on the roof of his parents’ house. In two years, he taught himself his craft, and then spent three years as an apprentice at a Sardinian photo studio. In the mid 1990s, he moved to New York, at the height of its heyday as the centre of the publishing world. He spoke no English, had no money, and had barely a dozen images in his portfolio, but got down to work. Within two years, he was shooting for GQ magazine and the Andy Warhol founded Interview.

Today, Francesco shoots film as well as photographs, drawing inspiration for his still work from the inscrutable lives of strangers on the street and the old-world glamour of cinema. He is sought-after by high-end clients who appreciate the touch of chiaroscuro in his work- because while fresh and modern, his images are filled with the polished elegance, mystery and suspense of a classic thriller film. They catch people in an uncontrived, yet perfect moment – with the viewer left wondering what might be about to happen in the very next frame.

Francesco works between New York and London.

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