Cary Jobe

“It was always a day of judgement, a rebellion, a gauntlet against gravity and girlhood… attempting to skulk past teachers and a sea of all-boys, racing to reach my dining room tray and finish another meal before too many lingering eyes seared through my dress. The pool, yes the pool please…. that silent, peaceful place underwater beckoned from the clatter of male voices and clanking silverware.

The daughter of a history teacher at an all boys boarding school, shy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Cary Jobe grew up surrounded by males. “Love males but the reality of being one of the only girls more resembled a disorienting. fog of adolescent fear and fantasy and everything in between. My response and my nature was to make art, take photos and daydream about what life could be elsewhere.” says Cary.

Fostering those dreams became her focus after college. Her curiosity and tenacity lead her to become an Outward Bound instructor in the Colorado Rockies and world traveler (with camera). She solo trekked in the Himalayas, attended daily sunrise Ashtanga voga at the Patabi Jois Shala in Mysore, shared Dal Baht with girls rescued from the brothels of India and photographed them for an award winning photo project while living in Nepal and India. Many photo adventures followed.

Cary’s connection with water (which portrays freedom and sensuousness) inspires much of her work. Her unique sensibility combined with her warmth creates an indefinable level of trust with her subjects and her clients. Departing from traditional photography, Cary’s work is sophisticated, romantic, narrative and rich with emotion.

Cary has created award winning work for clients as diverse as National Geographic, Chloe. New York Times and RaksasaMods Bali, amongst others.

Projects by Cary on Photography Chronicle

Fine Art

Light and Dark

Photographer Cary Jobe reacts to the current global political and social situation and posits the question – how do we heal our politics, our communities and ourselves?