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‘Monuments’ is a series of collaborative photographs by Jocelyn Janon in which he aims to capture the power, spirit and charisma of the female body.

‘Monuments’ is a series of collaborative photographs in which I aim to capture the power, spirit, and charisma of the female body.

In a context where the body, in particular the Female body, is political, I have chosen to treat the human body as ‘Monuments’.

Non-compliant photographic representations, loosely inspired by 19th-century French sculptures, in ‘Monuments’, I treat the body in all its strength and grandeur.

In my images, I am trying to capture the power spirit, the emanation, and the charisma of the body. Legs are columns, backs are roofs, hands are windows.

I deliberately seek to distance the work from the traditional hallmarks and conventions of erotic photography, such as ‘boudoir’ photography, and ‘classic’ nude poses. I stay away from accepted or clichéd representations, and I actively try to avoid any elements that convey sexuality, desire or beauty in a conventional sense.

‘Monuments’ is an ongoing series.

“You walk on corpses, beauty, undismayed.”  Charles Baudelaire.


The photographer

Jocelyn Janon

Jocelyn Janon is a French-born New Zealander [he/him/his], based in Auckland, New Zealand. For him, photography is a means of meeting people and expressing his love for humans. He is particularly interested in the talented ones – the artist, the misfits, the ‘different’ ones. The round pegs in square holes.

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