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Light and Dark

Photographer Cary Jobe reacts to the current global political and social situation and posits the question – how do we heal our politics, our communities and ourselves?

This project is inspired by the global social and political impact of the pandemic, Trump, BLM, Gun Control, Women’s rights, LBGTQ… the list goes on. It has been a heated climate these last few years in the world. How do we heal our political systems, our communities and ourselves? No easy answer but it might start here:


Humanity is facing a pivotal point.

The light and dark in the world have found impasse.

We each encompass both yet can’t accept the other.

The world as a whole is writhing in anger and constructive conversations have stopped.

It is important to meet people where they are, not where we want them to be.

I hear you.

I see you.

I honor your choices.

I won’t push you away.

These thoughts and words go a long way towards healing.

Cary Jobe


The photographer

Cary Jobe

Cary Jobe’s connection with water (which portrays freedom and sensuousness) inspires much of her photography work. Departing from traditional photography, Cary’s work is sophisticated, romantic, narrative and rich with emotion.

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