In the Dead of Night

Photographer Poppy Matthews provides a visual exploration of public green spaces, when the night has descended, and nobody is about.

In the Dead of Night is a visual exploration of public green spaces at night. Public green spaces are areas of undeveloped land that are designed to make a positive visual and environmental contribution to towns, as well as help us stay physically and mentally well. They are a crucial part of urban life. They enhance the beauty and environmental quality of our neighbourhoods, and they’re most often used during the day.

The photographs in this series are taken at night, looking out to the surroundings of the spaces when there are no people present. The project aims to highlight how these spaces change from the daytime into something else entirely, once darkness falls over our townscape.

Lights on
Gym equipment
Closed curtains
Play equipment
Silence in the park

The photographer

Poppy Matthews

Poppy Matthews is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on environmental and sociological landscapes, exploring the connections humans have to them.

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