In My Skin

Photographer Michelle Sank’s project exploring young people under 25 in the UK who are challenging their body image, to become more acceptable to their own ideal of ‘beautiful’.

These images are from a project exploring young people under 25 in the UK who are challenging their body image. I am looking at those who have had, or are considering having, cosmetic surgery in order to become more acceptable to themselves and achieve their ideal of being ‘beautiful’. Social consensus in Western society today is particularly focussed on physical beauty and achieving and maintaining the ‘perfect’ face and body. Intertwined with this, I am also documenting body dysmorphia as young people try and conform to this social expectation resulting in eating disorders and body transformation.

Ellie 23yrs | Tattoos
John 19yrs | Gender Neutral
Amy 18 yrs | Breast Augmentation
Cambell 16 yrs | Transgender male to female
Matt 18 yrs | Transitioning female to male
Hannah 17 yrs | Botox
Jasmine 17 yrs | Botox
Paige 16 yrs | Awaiting Breast Augmentation when a bit older
Michael 22 yrs | Body enhancement
Jade 20yrs | Tattooed eyebrows and hair extensions
Hannah 20 yrs | Face and Body enhancement
Olly 19yrs | Suffering with Anorexia
Twins: Nicola and Rachel 20 yrs | Nicola recovering anorexic and Rachel breast augmentation
Roland 19 yrs | Alias Lady Gaga
Saraya 20 yrs | Full body liposuction and lip fillers

The photographer

Michelle Sank

Michelle Sank photographs sub-cultures and the exploration of contemporary social issues and challenges. Her crafted portraits meld place and person creating sociological, visual and psychological landscapes and narratives.

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