Fine Art


Steve Korn’s Ghosts captures the awe of a dancer’s ability, the aesthetic and questions of form, line, colour, and culture and why they mean something to all of us.

I have always loved minimalist art. I love trying to get right to the essence of something or someone without a lot of extra…well, distractions. I remember learning the term “eloquence” in high school geometry and loving the concept. To create something with the minimal amount of information and still communicate the intent. 


I recently was diagnosed with ADHD, something I had long suspected. It has been revolutionary in understanding my mind and what motivates me and why. I have learned more about myself in the process as my further understanding of ADHD has revealed to me ways of thinking, my need for new stimulation, the desire to control an environment and in some ways to freeze a moment to bring focus and clarity to myself. Whether that means freezing rapid movement or catching a fleeting expression upon someone’s face, it allows me to stop and feel and understand what is happening around me so rapidly.

Ghosts are ephemeral. A fleeting figure in the corner of one’s eye, a haze, a wisp…a shadow. With ADHD, everything is ephemeral. One moment to the next, my focus can be redirected, a thousand ideas can pass through my mind, impulsive thoughts or speech can propel me in an unintended direction, flowing out while I trying to hang on, pull them back. Photography allows me to control the idea, to harness the ephemeral and infuse it with my values, the awe of a dancer’s ability, the aesthetic and questions of form, line, color, and culture and why they mean something to all of us. In retrospect, looking back at my work, I realize this as a driving concept and theme. Whether capturing movement or stillness, I want to get a deeper look at that which I cannot hold onto.


The photographer

Steve Korn

I spend my days crafting images, working with inspiring people, trying to inspire in return, solving problems, communicating and finding common vision.

Putting something into the world that never existed before, expressing the simple beauty that is every person, the joy of a color and a line and the emotional power they communicate through shared culture and personal experience…these are the things that excite me.

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