Face Project

Photographer Steve Korn’s beautiful portraiture that allows us to realise we are all the same, all individuals.

Everyone is.

Without explanation or obligation,

Beyond stereo-type or sound-bite.

Someone’s baby,

Navigating the world, life,

Pursuing a dream,

Fleeing a circumstance.

Everyone is.


What do we really know about anyone?  When we strip away context, take a moment to look deeply at one another, we realize we are all the same, all individuals, all navigating this journey called life.  Kindness, compassion and understanding are both invaluable and absolutely free.


The photographer

Steve Korn

I spend my days crafting images, working with inspiring people, trying to inspire in return, solving problems, communicating and finding common vision.

Putting something into the world that never existed before, expressing the simple beauty that is every person, the joy of a color and a line and the emotional power they communicate through shared culture and personal experience…these are the things that excite me.

Other featured work


Steve Korn’s Ghosts captures the awe of a dancer’s ability, the aesthetic and questions of form, line, colour, and culture and why they mean something to all of us.

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Rear Window

Photographer Jocelyn Janon visualises the mood and feelings he had as a young boy, creating worlds in the back of his father’s Citroen.

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Photographer Jef Van den Bossche’s images capture the dying of the light for Belgium’s volkscafés, or people’s pubs, in the face of globalisation and cultural shifts.

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