Dancing on Ice: Netherworld

Photographer Matt Frost takes us behind the scenes of a primetime TV show and introduces us to the people that make it all work.

I like finding contradictions and one of my personal projects – Dancing on Ice: Netherworld, goes behind the scenes of one of ITV’s biggest and glitziest entertainment shows to look at some of the unseen, off-screen roles that make it a reality. I wanted to share a glimpse of the not-so-glamorous and the sometimes surreal backstage world, and introduce some of the people who spend their working life among its intricate web of cables, gaffer tape and high-tech equipment…

I’ve been ITV’s official photographer for the show for the last 5 years. We shoot the specials to promote the show prior to transmission, and every Sunday for the first 10 weeks of the year I’ll be working in and amongst the gaffer tape, scaffolding and endless black drapes shooting the show itself.

Did you know we have a dedicated blade sharpener on site? We also have a paramedic, a carpenter and our very own Zamboni with driver! Dancing On Ice also boasts a wall of LED displays which to me is more impressive when you see the back of it, and our very own purpose built ice rink, all housed in a hangar sized studio and small village of outbuildings.

Kim Bickell (CSG Events) - Location Manager
Ben - Carpenter
Josh Eason - Paramedic
Caroline Caley - Stage Manager
Hannah (I Skate UK) - Zamboni driver

Ricky Valentine – PD (producer/Director) captures the ‘reality’ BTS content of the show and content for VTO’s throughout the week


Dave (Big Tick Ltd) – the lighting gaffer

Flo Dempster - Costume
Neil Coman - Sound Recordist
One of many uses for gaffer tape
One of 11 camera positions around the main ice rink

Jackson Warner (PRG UK) – looks after the LED wall

Tony Caines (The Gov’nor) – Security

Rod and Helen - Skate Cutters
Snow shovel + extracted ice from the rink
Tom (I Skate UK) - Zamboni driver
Container 5 - part of the container village
Georgia Taylor - wire woman (my on-site editor) - she sends pix out minutes after I take them
Pablo Rees - the on-site, go-to guy for nearly everything

The photographer

Matt Frost

After studying Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art and Design, specialising in photography, Matt assisted in London before working as a staff photographer for ITV. This opened up a world of freelance within the press, film and tv industry. Working on film sets has had a strong influence on his work and fuelled his love of storytelling. He strives to create images that are strong and visually powerful but also suggest intrigue.

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