Fine Art


Photographer Barrie Robinson Bule found blazing colour, lots of it, on a road trip in the US.

I’d hate to be colour blind.

Because some colours just need a picture taking of them.

And it really doesn’t matter where I find them.

I just love being blinded by colour.


The photographer

Baz R Bule

Baz R Bule is an Art Director by day and a photographer for the rest of the time. He shoots with a fixed lens and for him everything is about getting close enough.

Other featured work

River Taxis

Baz R Bule photographed river taxis on the busiest river in Bangladesh and realised that no one other than you is bothered that you might die.

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Photographer Chris Harrison shoots street photography that delights with a confection of chance, composition, colour and playfulness.

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‘Monuments’ is a series of collaborative photographs by Jocelyn Janon in which he aims to capture the power, spirit and charisma of the female body.

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Rear Window

Photographer Jocelyn Janon visualises the mood and feelings he had as a young boy, creating worlds in the back of his father’s Citroen.

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On a soif

Photographer Jef Van den Bossche’s images capture the dying of the light for Belgium’s volkscafés, or people’s pubs, in the face of globalisation and cultural shifts.

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